Creating a New Era of Consumer Crypto

At IYK, we are building towards a world where the digital and physical are inextricably intertwined. In it, companies, communities, and creatives can leverage the benefits of blockchain to amplify the purpose of consumer goods. And as a result, consumers can use crypto to access magical experiences.

This is the new era of consumer crypto: expanding the utility of blockchain and NFTs to better serve, understand, and communicate with customers and fans. IYK does this by tokenizing physical items and IRL experiences, building tools for brands and creators to deliver new, innovative experiences. For the very first time, our tech allows companies to verify and reward fandom across the entire spectrum of consumer engagement. As a customer, imagine:

  • Getting airdropped a concert ticket or NFT from your favorite artist thanks to owning merch from their previous tour
  • Unlocking access to a product based on prior ownership of specific items
  • Being invited to preview a luxury brand’s upcoming collection after visiting one of their pop-up locations

IYK’s technology unlocks all of these experiences—and more—to combine the tangible joy of physical items with the unique benefits of the digital world.

Our team of builders, developers, and designers has had the privilege of working hand-in-hand with industry leaders to deploy our tech, including gmoney, POAP, VÉRITÉ, Index Co-op, Pixel Vault, Optimism Labs, and many more. We are excited to continue creating and sharing the untapped value in this space.

We hope you’ll join us in growing the future of consumer crypto.

Yours in the omniverse,

The IYK team âś±

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